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1973, Paris, France

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10, rue Lacuée
75012 Paris , France

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Jean Nouvel

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Change thisParis , France
est. 1973, Paris
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Founded in Paris in 1973, Architecture Studio brings together more than one hundred people, around 12 partners. The team has been building up progressively: Martin Robain in 1973, Rodo Tisnado since 1976, Jean-François Bonne since 1979, Alain Bretagnolle and René-Henri Arnaud since 1989, Laurent-Marc Fischer since 1993, Marc Lehmann since 1998, Roueïda Ayache since 2001 and Gaspard Joly, Marica Piot, Mariano Efron and Amar Sabeh El Leil since 2009.

The European Parliament in Strasburg, the Arab World Institute (Equerre d'Argent and Aga Khan Prize) and Notre Dame de l’Arche d’Alliance church in Paris stand among the most symbolic projects of the firm.


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