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Croatian Modernism

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November 11th 1903, Požega, Croatia

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Zagreb, Croatia

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Adolf Loos
Le Corbusier

Ernest Weissmann Change this

Change thisZagreb, Croatia
born 1903, Požega
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Ernest Weissmann (Požega, 11. XI. 1903 - Haarlem, Netherlands, 13. VII. 1985) graduated architecture at the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1926. He collaborated with Adolf Loos (1926-27) and Le Corbusier (1927-28). In 1932 he was one of the founders of the Working Group Zagreb, which participated in IV. exhibition of the group Zemlja. As a promoter of avant-garde and functionalist architecture, he strongly influenced Croatian modern architecture. In the period between 1932 and 1937 he was working on several projects in Zagreb, of which were built Villa on Jabukovac (1933) and Villa Kraus in Nazorova street no. 29 (1936). In Belgrade he designed the House of Journalists in the Street on 1. May (1932-34), and in the 1950s his own summer house in Mali Lošinj. During the second World War he moved to the United States, where he worked on technical assistance programs, after the war he become a UN Housing and Planning Officer and Head of the Industrial Reconstruction Department (UNRRA).



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