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born 1869
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Italian naval architect and engineer. His fame rests on a single major work, the Fiat car factory at Lingotto, Turin. This huge reinforced concrete structure of 400,000 sq.m was a forerunner of the concrete aesthetic of Pier Luigi Nervi and Riccardo Morandi. The enormously long, five-storey building has two daring helicoidal ramps leading to a banked test track for cars on the roof. The factory's audacious design made a tremendous impression on foreign as well as Italian observers. Le Corbusier used an illustration of the factory to demonstrate the principles set out in Vers une architecture (Paris, 1923), while Gruppo 7 considered it one of the few industrial buildings in Italy possessing architectural value. Although Matte' Trucco was never personally involved in the Rationalist movement, the Fiat building figured prominently in the first Esposizione dell'Architettura Razionale in Rome in 1928.



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