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Ivanka Raspopović | Architectuul


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Yugoslav Modernism

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1930, Belgrade, Serbia

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Belgrade, Serbia

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Ivan Antić
Stanko Mandić

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  • 1965 - October Award for architecture and urbanism

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"Women architects were the majority in state-owned Srbijaprojekt. "
Ivanka Raspopović

Ivanka Raspopović Change this

Change thisBelgrade, Serbia
born 1930, Belgrade

Ivanka Raspopović on the right side of the picture, Ivan ...

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Ivanka Raspopović (Belgrade, 1930-2015) was a Serbian Modernist architect. She started her career in the construction company Rad from 1945 to 1955. Later she moved to Srbijaprojekt, where she stayed until 1960. From 1961 to 1964 she worked in the company Zlatibor, and then again in Srbijaprojekt (1965-1980).

Building Factories and Hospitals

She was employed in the technical studio of Rad company together with her husband. They worked on the construction of the viscose factory in Loznica. This construction site had five sectors but the management building was done by Ivan Antić and that is how their cooperation began. According to her own words, she worked with the best civil engineers of the time. For Srbijaprojekt she designed the workers dining facility in Obrenovac, a tuberculosis hospital in Prizren, cold storage for fruit in the vicinity of Tetovo, department store in Bečej and the industrial zone in Priboj, as coauthor with Slobodan Mihajlović. Maybe one of the more interesting projects was the design for the second phase of Belgrade Airport as an invited competition where four offices collaborated. During her work at the Zlatibor company, she designed two transmitter stations at Zlatibor, the building for the Electric distribution company in Užice and a residential building for the general hospital at the Partisans Square in Užice. Ivanka also often collaborated with Stanko Mandić.

Building Museums

Together with Antić won the first prize for the The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. They put together drawings just in one week, so there were two major changes during the project development. First was the front facade, which in the competition proposal had one flat wall, after consultations was designed and built in today’s distinctive crystal form. Already experienced architects, with an adopted feeling for savings, they proposed the facade finish in exposed brick – which was applied later on the design for the Memorial Museum 21. October Kragujevac. The Museum of Contemporary art was opened in 1965, the same year Ivanka Raspopović and Ivan Antić got the October award for this architectural masterpiece.

Most women in architecture in Serbia in the period between 1945 and 1990 designed within big state-owned offices and companies, or within specific self-management ateliers, such as Projektbiro.


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