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Landscape, Brutalism

Birth date / place

1926, Bitola, Macedonia

Selected Architecture

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Skopje, Macedonia

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Nikola Dobrović
Alvar Aalto
Milan Zloković

Awards Change this

  • 1969 - Fighting Plaque Architecture in Macedonia for High School Nikola Karev in Skopje
  • 1975 - Fighting Plaque Architecture in Macedonia for Telecommunications Center in Skopje
  • 1975 - October 11 award of SR Macedonia for architecture for Telecommunications Center in Skopje

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Janko Konstantinov Change this

Change thisSkopje, Macedonia
born 1926, Bitola
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Janko Konstantinov, (Macedonian: Јанко Константинов; born 1926 in Bitola, now Republic of Macedonia, died 2010) is a Macedonian architect and artist.

Education and Career

Janko Konstantinov studied at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade under mentorship of Milan Zloković, Mate Bajlon and Nikola Dobrović. He graduated in 1952. He was on the specialization at the Royal Danish Academy of Art and Architecture in Copenhagen (1954). Konstantinov gained experience working on projects in Finland, where he worked with Alvar Aalto. From 1958 to 1964 he worked as a designer in the studio of designer Victor Gruen. He also worked in the studio of Daniel Johnson Medehal in Los Angeles, the United States. After a terrible earthquake in 1963 he returned to Skopje to help rebuild the city. His Telecommunications Centre and Post Office (built in different stages between 1974 and 1989) are two of his most recognizable contributions to the rebuild of Skopje. He also worked in the studio of the famous Russian painter Ivan Meljnikov in Bitola. His inspiration was the beauty of his country and his common motifs were landscapes of Ohrid. In 2009 he donated 108 of his paintings, mostly watercolors, to the Institute and Museum of Bitola.


From 1955 to 1958 he was the architect designer in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, the Bureaus of S. Tregord, N. Kehinger and G. Letstorm (Helsingorden school, School in Falun, a technical high school in Stockholm, administration and commercial center and residential neighborhood Helsingorden).
His works include: Museum in Olborg (Denmark, 1958), Swimming Pool (Los Angeles, 1962), Science Center Southern California (1965), Seismological Station Valandovo (1965), Youth House in Zagreb, Skopje City Hall (1982), Shopping Centre in Skopje, Administrative building of GP Pelagonia shaped bank in Tehran, Multipurpose tower in Kuwait, Villa in Thessaloniki, High School Nikola Karev (Skopje, 1968), Medical Center (Skopje, 1970), PTT Telecommunications Center in Skopje (first phase 1972-1974, second phase from 1979 to 1980), Hotel Aleksandar Palace. He collaborated with the Magic Design Center in Skopje.



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