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1950, Prizren, Kosovo

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  • 1984 - Silver medallion for special tribute to Power Plant’s projects ¨Kosova B¨ - Prisht ina
  • 1987 - Borba’s Prize – Belgrade
  • 1988 - Architectural prize – Kosova’s Fine Arts, Spring Salon – Prisht ina

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born 1950, Prizren
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Lulzim Nixha was born 1950 in Prizren. He graduated at Sarajevo Faculty of Architecture in 1977.

Academic Carrier

From 1979 to 1987 he worked as a teaching assistant in design of public buildings at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering. From 1987-2010 was lecturer of public buildings design. From 1987 – 1994 held the Deputy Dean position at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. During 1981-1990 he worked at the Institute of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture.

Professional Carrier

In 1993 he established Atelier Arkkoni- works in Kosovo and Germany.
From 1995-1999 he worked at NiStudio in Tirana where he designed several public and business buildings.
After the war in Kosovo, 2000 - 2002 established and led Nixha&Partners design studio.
From 2003-2007 worked as Director of Urban planning Department at the Municipality of Prishtina.
From 2007 is leading NIXHA Group.


- Restaurant – Power Plant ‘Kosova B’, Obilić (1983)
- Power Plant ‘Kosova B’,Obilić (1984)
- Business Buildings, Ilixhe, Peja (1993)
- Intering GmbH,Germany (1994)
- Eximont Residency, Berlin, Germany (1994)
- White House , Baden Durenberg, Germany (1995)
- Ministry of Education of Kosovo (2002)
- City Library, Prishtina (2009)
- Hotel “International”, Prishtina (2011)
- Elkos Complex, Prishtina (2014)


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