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Airport, Modernism, Belgian Modernism

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May 23rd 1909, Schaerbeek, Belgium

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Architecture, Urban Planning
Brussels , Belgium

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"Architecture is my only mistress I have take care of. "
Maxime Brunfaut

Maxime Brunfaut Change this

Change thisBrussels , Belgium
born 1909, Schaerbeek

Maxime Brunfaut in front of a model of Brussels airport.

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Maxime Brunfaut was an important Belgian architect and urban designer. He was the son of Fernand Brunfaut , also an architect and representative for the Belgian Workers Party. From 1925 to 1929 Maxime studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels also under Victor Horta. After his studies he worked with his father and later with Horta. He received many assignments from the Belgian Socialist Party. In addition, he constructed several buildings for public transport, such as the Brussels metro station Porte de Namur, the Sabena Air Terminus building (opposite the Central Station in Brussels). After the death of Victor Horta, he completed the Central Station in Brussels. Brunfaut was an utopist as an architect, in his own opinion, architecture was his only mistress he had taken care of. Like Renaat Braem, he introduced the artistic avant-garde to serve a fair and classless society. Eventually he found civilization too civilized and he was discouraged in her practicably the runaway experiment. Brunfaut comes across as a radical thinking and self-critical person. He himself found the expired Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire in the meantime his most successful work.



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