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January 25th 1894, Bolvedro, Italy

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Giuseppe Terragni

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born 1894, Bolvedro

Pietro Lingeri

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Pietro Lingeri was an Italian architect, a leading figure of the Italian Rationalism. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1926, in 1930 was among the founders of the Como MIAR group (Movement Italian Rational Architecture) and in the same years was among the authors of the magazines Quadrant and primordial values.

Its architecture is characterized by the use of materials and innovative features for its time such as reinforced concrete, the large windows and the parapets of metal profiles. He designs the headquarters of the 'Club Motonautico AMILA' in Tremezzo, close to Como, (1926), published in the journal of Giuseppe Pagano Casabella and the renovations of the 'Milione' Gallery (1930), which had formed part of the Milan artistic avant-garde. Between 1926 and 1940 launches an association with the founder of the Italian Rationalism Giuseppe Terragni, with whom he collaborated on projects for the War Memorial in Como (1926), draws up the master plan for the city of Como (1935) and five Milan houses including the house for homes and offices 'Rustici' in Corso Sempione 34 in Milan (1935). He worked with Terragni and Mario Sironi on various unfulfilled projects: the Palazzo del Littorio (1937) to the arrangement of the Imperial Forum (1937), Danteum (1938) at headquarters intended Universal Exhibition of 1942.


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