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Conversion, Postmodernism

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December 5th 1939, Barcelona, Spain

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Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
Av. Industria, 14
08960 Sant Just Desvern, Spain


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August 02nd, 2021

Ricardo Bofill Change this

Change thisSant Just Desvern, Spain
born 1939, Barcelona

Ricardo Bofill

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Ricardo Bofill, born December 5th, 1939 in Barcelona, Spain, is a Spanish-Catalan postmodernist architect. He studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1963 he founded a multidisciplinary group formed by architects, engineers, sociologists and philosophers, creating the basis for what today is the ‘Taller de Arquitectura’ office. This international team with over 40 years experience confront various issues through urban design, architecture, parks and gardens designs, and interior design.


History has been a constant presence, not only in the form of the continuing analysis and interpretation of the culture and architecture of the past, but also by means of the impetus given to new tendencies, to involvement in the social movements of the day and the creation of alternative responses to contemporary problems. The professional progress of the Taller de Arquitectura, marked by the stimulus and the conception of life, the vital vision of an inexhaustible Ricardo Bofill, has undergone a series of practical and theoretical changes closely linked to the political and social transformations of recent years.

An analysis of the body of Bofill’s work as a whole reveals a tremendous degree of coherence and a continuity of thinking that are the product of a history and a language that are uniquely personal.


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