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Women In Architecture, Modernism

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June 8th 1914, Swampscott, Massachusetts, USA

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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Jean Fletcher
The Architects Collaborative

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  • 1991 - Award of Honor, The Boston Society of Architects

Sarah Harkness Change this

Change thisCambridge, Massachusetts, USA
born 1914, Swampscott, Massachusetts

Boston Society of Architects

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Sarah Harkness (July 8, 1914 — May 22, 2013) was a cofounder of The Architects Collaborative (TAC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was one of two women among seven young architects who formed the firm with Walter Gropius in 1945. She was an inspirational figure for women in architecture throughout her long career; early on she valued the idea of accessible design and sustainable practices in architecture. She gave voice to these ideals in 1985 as President of the Boston Society of Architects.

She attended the Smith College Graduate School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in 1940. She was a founder, in 1945, and Principal Emeritus of the Architects' Collaborative (TAC). She is the author of Sustainable Design for Two Maine Islands, The Architects Collaborative Encyclopedia of Architecture, and co-edited The Architects Collaborative Inc., 1945 to 1965 with Walter Gropius. Her papers are stored at the International Archive of Women in Architecture.



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