Keywords Change this

LINA, Interdisciplinary, Experimental


2019, Los Angeles, USA

Selected Architecture

Practice / Active in Change this

Los Angeled, USA


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November 03rd, 2022

Space Saloon Change this

Change thisLos Angeled, USA
est. 2019, Los Angeles
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About Change this

Space Saloon is an international design collective of architects, artists and researchers, led by Danny Wills, Gian Maria Socci and Rebecca van Beeck. Their projects build communities, promote learning and foster engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge. Established in 2018, they are known for their ‘community in residency’ festivals and site specific projects.

Their latest project, Futuro Pronto, is in collaboration with The MAAK, a spatial practice based in Cape Town, South Africa. The MAAK was co-founded by Ashleigh Killa and Max Melvill in 2016. Their work ranges from full-scale public buildings to experimental spatial enquiries.



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