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Young Architects, LINA

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June 23rd 1998, Lomé, Togo

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Tevi Allan Mensah
5 rue des lilas
Soucieu-en-Jarrest, France


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November 03rd, 2022

Tevi Allan Mensah Change this

Change thisSoucieu-en-Jarrest, France
born 1998, Lomé
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Tevi Allan Mensah is an architect and a visual artist graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (Ensa) of Lyon. After completing two semester in Madrid at the I. Politecnico of the Francisco Vitoria University, in 2020, he came back to France where he worked for the architecture and design workshop Ciguë during one year.
He carries out a personal practice shared between the architectural project and artistic creation, where eclectic mediums cohabit : from furniture to the scale of the territory, between built projects and research projects. He is interested in the imaginaries of displaced and borderlands territories, as well as the possibility of architecture as a collective mean of communication. He is currently teaching at the Ensa Lyon in the framework of the master studio ‘’Utopie/ Dystopie’’.



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