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2022, Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece

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November 02nd, 2022

Urban Cosmography Change this

Change thisAthens, Greece
est. 2022, Athens

Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis

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Urban Cosmography are Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis. Francesca Cocchiara (Cagliari, 1986) is an architect from Italy. Having worked and studied in different countries, she has developed a strong interest in how people shape their own environment and vice versa. Sergios Strigklogiannis (Rhodes, 1983) is an architect from Greece and a researcher at the National Technical University of Athens focusing on the urban commons and participatory urbanism. Since 2018 they started working together on architectural design and urban research exploring the complexities and challenges of the built environment.


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