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Pioneer Architects, Atelier LIK, Modernism

Birth date / place

1928, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Selected Architecture

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Atelier LIK
Narodnog fronta 78
Belgrade, Serbia

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Sofija Nenadović
Atelier LIK

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  • 1962 - 7th July Award, the state award of the highest order in Serbia at the time

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April 12th, 2019

Vesna Matičević Change this

Change thisBelgrade, Serbia
born 1928, Sarajevo
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Vesna Matičević is one of the founders of Belgrade's Atelier LIK, along with colleagues Sofija Nenadović, Dušanka Menegelo Aćimović, Nadežda Filipon Trbojević and Vladislav Ivković. Their collaboration started early - some of them were childhood friends and all of them attended Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade at the same time, and some of their first professional successes were shared - such as first award for the design of an Elementary school in Niš in 1954 and construction design for the ODEON movie theater. They decided to form their own practice in 1957, after winning the competition for the new Belgrade Airport.

After finishing the Belgrade Airport project, Vesna Matičević transferred first to the Urban Planning Institute, and then to the Heritage Protection Institute. She had a long and successful career in urban planning. In the Urban Planning Institute in Belgrade she worked on the Master plan for the Airport, which defined the second phase of its development; the plan for the By-pass from the Vuk Monument to the Saint Sava Temple; the plan for 50 km of the Belgrade Waterfront in 1976; the plan for Železnik settlement. Her detailed urban plan for New Belgrade’s Block 19a was nominated for the October award, and the block project was later developed based on this plan.


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