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1929, Turčiansky Svätý Martin

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Vladimír Dedeček Change this

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born 1929, Turčiansky Svätý Martin
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Vladimír Dedecek was born in Martin in 1929. He studied architecture at the Slovak Technical University under professors Emil Belluš and Vladimír Karfík. He began his professional career in 1955 and till the end in 1994 more than 75 buildings has created. He is linking with Slovak Socialist Realism in architecture.

Vladimír Dedecek is the author of a few controversial buildings from the communist era, such as the Higthest Court in Bratislava, Political school in Modra or University of Agriculture in Nitra, where false interpretations and seeking a parallel to Oscar Niemeyer´s New Brasília and Luigi Nervi´s Palazetto dello Sport appeared. The other one is the Slovak National Gallery. It’s brutal and elegant facade is for majority of burghers a symbol of Socialism and regarding shape of the building and used material the most unpopular building in the city. Despite of many critical opinions is Vladimír Dedecek among professionals both from Slovakia and outland considered the greatest person of slovak architecture of the last century.

Vladimír Dedeček, one of the most controversial figures in slovakian post-war architecture, favoured by the regime and credited with most representative public buildings, has never bothered much with such comfortable interiors, something many colleagues have sharply criticized him for.


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