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Cubo Negro | Architectuul


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Curtain Wall, Glass, Cube, Black

Project timeline

April 1976 – September 1978


Mixed Use

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Centro Banaven

Also known as Change this

Banaven Center, Centro Banaven, Black Cube Building

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Carlos Eduardo Gomez

Cubo Negro Change this

Caracas, Venezuela
by John Burgee, Philip Johnson Change this
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The Cubo Negro was designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee during the first quarter of 1975. Located in Caracas, Venezuela, the mixed-use space incorporates commercial and art spaces. It is still occupied today.


The architectural concept is based on a "parageometric" cube in which some sections have been removed, thus generating an open central space and floor levels with different surface areas. The design consists of 13 levels within a black glass cube.

The preliminary design was presented by Philip Johnson and John Burgee with a high level of definition. However local architects were brought on board to collaborate, which included architects Enrique Gómez, Carlos Eduardo Gómez, and Jorge Landi.

One of the key features of this building is the facade which incorporates a curtain wall. The façade is an emblematic element that even today gives architectural modernity to the building.

The planning and design of the curtain wall type façade for the “Glass Cube” began in August 1977 as a result of a teamwork approach between all the companies involved in the design and construction project, thus allowing designing an integral system that included a series of innovations.


In 2005 the building was declared a cultural monument by the Venezuelan Cultural Heritage Census.


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