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LINA, Ecology

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2022 – 2022



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November 03rd, 2022

Futuro Pronto Change this

Fano, Italy
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Futuro Pronto is a project in collaboration with the Cape Town based design practice, The MAAK. The pavilion is a step in what will become a larger research and design agenda for the Port of Fano, Italy. It is built out of reclaimed materials from the local shipyard as a nod towards the rapidly transforming Port area.

The Port of Fano is a hub for economic activity. As well as its productive value, it has an extremely rich social network, the result of its cultural heritage. However, as it stands today, these activities are cut off from surrounding areas. In projecting a new future for the Port, this project sees potential in exposing and celebrating these existing assets for the experience of everybody.

Through a three day workshop, Space Saloon and The MAAK applied their ‘learn-by-making’ and ‘primitive play’ methodologies to the Port’s various layers of ‘rubble’. Reusable material consisting of byproducts from the manufacturing process, scraps from older boats, components on hold for future use, and outdated and discarded objects were used to construct a pavilion exhibiting the area’s hyper-contextual aesthetics and material histories.

Through a process of ‘urban mining’, materials with a large reuse potential were digitized into a catalog of ready-made components to be further explored. An augmented reality application, developed by the team, complements the pavilion structure and allows the public to imagine their own uses of the materials and spaces in transition.



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