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Concrete House, Modern Interior

Project timeline

1969 – 1970


Private House

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Current state

Altered (extensions to the original)

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Gianni e Laura Tabarelli de Fatis


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February 13th, 2021

Gianni e Laura Tabarelli de Fatis House Change this

Cornaiano, Italy
by Carlo Scarpa, Sergio Los Change this
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Scarpa designed a single-story structure with a series of interconnected roof platforms that blend organically into the terrain. This discreet house has a modest entrance, now hidden behind stone walls and lush vegetation, that opens into a generously proportioned interior, where each room varies in height. The idea was to keep various inclinations of the roofs, a reminiscent of the surrounding vineyards. The spacious living room is dominated by a fireplace and a colorful abstract ceiling. One can walk on a circular path through the entire interior of the house, in a continuous corridor that leads from room to room, from the study and the bedrooms to the kitchen. Many of the masterful works within the house combine art and function, such as the yellow entrance gate made from orthogonal metal rods, the steel abstract kinetic sculpture, and the sliding wall with painted geometry and hinged panels. The house is furnished with furniture that had been produced by Dino Gavina at the time, including Marcel Breuer’s modernist chairs.



Bostjan replied | Saturday, February 13th, 2021 | 15:00pm
Thx for comment!
Bostjan replied | Saturday, February 13th, 2021 | 15:00pm
Thx for comment!

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