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Yugoslavia, Forgotten Masterpieces, Memorial

Project timeline

1960 – 1961


Monument & Memorial

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Banj Brdo
78 000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Current state


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Monument to the Fallen Krajišnici Change this

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Antun Augustinčić Change this
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Antun Augstinčić is the creator of this massive, yet unusual monument which commemorates fallen fighters from this region, so called "Krajišnici" who faught in the "National Liberation War" against the Third Reich and their puppet regimes. It was bulit in 1961, 5km from Banjaluka, at the place where in 1941, the Regional Conference of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia for the Bosnian Krajina was held and several consultations related to the uprising as well. It is built from famous white stone from the island Brač and by looking at it „from total", it seems like a bullet fired in the direction of Krajina (Kozara and Grmeč). There are soc-realistic reliefs depicting fighitng scenes on the sides, and on the front is a figure of one Krajišnik soldier who stands as symbol of the people’s defiance and endurance.



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