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Yugoslavian Modernism, Monument

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1967 – 1969


Monument & Memorial

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sculptor: Petar Krstić


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December 01st, 2020

Monument Vogošća Change this

Vogošća, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Petar Krstić, Zlatko Ugljen Change this
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The monument on hill Đindina is dedicated to the fighters in the People's Liberation Struggle from the vicinity of Vogošća. The initiative for the construction was put forward in the 1960s. The opening ceremony for the memorial complex was held on 21st July 1969. The monument and the ossuary represent a harmonious sculpture solution with numerous stylised symbols. As a whole, the monument and the ossuary have cultural, historical, memorial, and artistic value. The concrete access path with steps prepares the visitor for a spatial experience of the massive sculpture approximately 5m tall and approximately 8m wide. The monument stands on four horizontally laid concrete rays which meet to form a column on which the polygonal spatial body is placed. There are details in copper and glass on the front and the rear while the sides each feature a copper circle. On the east side of the monument, there is a quotation from The Mountain Wreath, a poem by poet and Prince-Bishop Petar II Petrović-Njegoš: "To place foot upon tyranny's neck, to lead tyrants to knowledge of the right, this is the most sacred of man's duties!", signed: "The people of this place". Nearby, there are three columns with a triangular cross-section inscribed with 62 names of Partisan fighters killed in action. Ever since its erection, the memorial complex has been the site of remembrance gatherings as well as a park. Between 1992 and 1995, a mosque was built by the foot of the hill whose dimensions, proportions, and design are at odds with the ambiental values of the complex. Despite a few minor fissures and damage to some glass elements, there is no major structural damage to the central monument. In August 2017, the Union of antifascist and veterans of the People's Liberation Struggle of Vogošća undertook the initiative for the monument to be refurbished. The area around the monument and the ossuary is regularly maintained, and the complex is safe and easily accessible even without signposts.


  • Boris Trapara


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