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Yugoslavian Modernism, Tourist Architecture, Foma, Abandoned

Project timeline

1963 – 1965


Hotel & Restaurant

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51000 Rijeka

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Motel Sljeme Preluka

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January 06th, 2021

Motel Panorama Change this

Rijeka, Croatia
by Ivan Vitić Change this
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Motel Panorama is part of a motel chain Vitić planned for the agricultural industrial combine Sljeme. Three of five originally planned motels were built, in Preluka, Biograd na Moru and Trogir. Characteristic of Vitić's motel chain is the cladding of the facade and interior public areas with stones from original local quarries.

Since 1996 the building is owned by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and has stood vacant for so many years. Because of the initiative of Motel Trogir Project it was listed as cultural heritage in 2015.


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