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Modernism, Residential Building, Modernist Housing, Kaunas 2022

Project timeline

? – 1930



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Maironio str.
44298 Kaunas

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House of businessmans Mozė and Malka Chaimsonai

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May 22nd, 2020

Mozė and Malka Chaimsonai House Change this

Photo by Lukas Mykolaitis, 2018.

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To counter the effect of the tzar’s interdiction to erect buildings with more than two floors in Kaunas, new legislation was passed after the country regained its independence. To purposefully destroy the flattish city’s landscape, and to model Kaunas after the examples of Europe’s capitals, it became forbidden to erect buildings with less than three floors around the Laisvės avenue and the Vytautas boulevard. Some rose even higher. When the Chaimsonai’s private residence was completed, on the Maironis street in 1930, the new building was met with sincere astonishment by the city’s residents. As the rest of the neighbourhood didn’t commit to the building’s owners race for new heights, this condo building remained unchallenged in its category in interwar Kaunas.


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