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2005 – 2007



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Via Dante 6
39100 Bolzano

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Museum of modern and contemporary art Bolzano

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Specialist services
ATI Rizzani De Eccher and Vega Systems srl (Facade)

Structural engineers
Studio Cattivelli

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Museion derives its strength and driving force from its location, South Tyrol, an atypical and multicultural region with a strong European outlook, which will, this year, also be hosting the European Biennial for Contemporary Art Manifesta 7. Instead of a simple container of artworks, it will be an international laboratory for research with an interdisciplinary focus: this is the museum that is being born. Museion sets at the center of its development a strong activation of the collection that will live in a relationship with temporary exhibitions. It will also stimulate the collaboration with artists through production and artists’ residencies.

Museion’s project is reflected in its architecture. The cubic form of the building is visually striking, with the transparent front facades offering a dialogue with the city. The physical and symbolical tie between the historical center and the new city is completed by the two parallel and oscillating curves of the bridge, an integral part of the project. The building’s interior spaces are fluid: the five levels of museum activity — exhibition and events areas, educational workshops, library — aren’t rigidly separated from one another, but are intimately interconnected.


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