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Renovation, Recycling Material

Project timeline

1924 – 1930



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Karunova ulica 4
1000 Ljubljana

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Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana

Plečnik House Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, ... Change this
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The three Plečnik brothers purchased the property in 1915 in hopes of building a single home for the family. As it turned out, the architect Joža Plečnik lived alone in the house. He set about the reconstruction of the house with his characteristic thrift. He made use of inexpensive materials and a variety of different treatments, leftover pillars, slabs and other elements remaining from previous projects. He added a round tower finished with peculiar circular extension and a conical roof to the existing first floor of the house, a veranda near the entrance and a winter garden. The entrance veranda functioned as a reception room and as a lapidarium. After Plečnik's death in 1957, his nephew Karel Matkovič took over the house and donated it to the city of Ljubljana. In 1972 was converted into the museum.

Renovation of the Museum

The renovation of Plečnik’s House was led by its owner, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana. Museum & Galleries of Ljubljana took a complete inventory of the heritage of Plečnik’s collection and digitalised Plečnik’s original plans in collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design. New study centre and exhibition spaces for the investigation of Plečnik’s heritage has been established.

Preserving the original appearance of the house’s exterior and interior including Plečnik’s authentic internal and external furnishings was the responsibility of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (ZVKDS) and Maruša Zorec. The woodwork and all built-in timber were in an extremely bad state and therefore needed strengthening and conserving. Examining the house's structure allowed to thoroughly learn about all its features and discover all the interventions in it undertaken and completed by Plečnik.


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