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Ecology, Public Art

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2021 – 2021



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November 03rd, 2022

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Imagine Iowa Great Lakes and the Iowa Lakeside Lab hosted a series of public events produced as a result of the inaugural Public Art and Ecology Residency. For the 2021 Summer, Space Saloon spent three months in Northwest Iowa, observing the region’s landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Our reactions and results were on display in the form of pop-up installations, site-specific sculptures and multi-species performances.

The events presented public data in new and interactive ways, encouraging an engagement with the physical and invisible ecologies found around the lakes. Space Saloon augmented the installations with AR applications, spatial audio and data visualizations, developed through interactions with Iowa Lakeside Lab resident scientists (including botany, archaeology, ornithology), field-researchers, lab technicians, students and other resident artists.



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