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Monument, Yugoslavian Modernism

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1980 – 1981


Monument & Memorial

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Monument to the Fallen Fighters and Victims of Fascism from Slabinja

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May 21st, 2019

Slabinja Monument Change this

Slabinja, Croatia
by Stanislav Mišić Change this
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The central sculptural element of the monument is a 15 meters tall spire clad in stainless steel, with a large red painted concrete triangle intersecting the spire at a sharp angle. Arranged around the monument are five engraved stone markers telling the detailed story of Slabinja from 1941 to 1945. On the central stainless steel spire of the monument are engraved the names and ages of 547 fallen victims (107 soldiers and 441 civilians) of the Ustashe terror and Axis occupation and aggression. Additionally, in front of the monument, there are five engraved stone markers set into the ground.



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