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1959 – 1961


Private House

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Am Fließhorn
78465 Konstanz

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August 02nd, 2021

Summer House Moroshito Change this

Konstanz, Germany
by Paul Stohrer Change this
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Moroshito is the house the German architect Paul Stohrer designed for himself as a summer retreat on the shores of Lake Constance between 1959 and 1961. The design process started way earlier in the beginning of the 1950s with the purchase of a plot of land at the lake. Sloped and instable the plot required a creative solution that Stohrer developed on the basis of only four concrete piles with a diameter of a mere 30 cm on which a concrete base plate (13 x 13.8 m) is placed: a wedge-shaped house in which he processed inspirations from Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer and in its unusual design counts among the most unusual residences in postwar Germany.

Until about 2008 the house was in a largely untouched state that included the original interior as conceived by Stohrer but has been refurbished in 2009.


  • Roos, Dorothea: Moroshito. Das Sommerhaus des Architekten Paul Stohrer in Dingelsdorf am Bodensee, 1959-61, in: Architectura 34 (2004), p. 201-213.


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