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Slovenian Modernism, Concrete Structure

Project timeline

1960 – 1964



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Celovška cesta 111
1000 Ljubljana

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Fund for building houses of Ljubljana Šiška


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April 26th, 2020

Trading House Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Miloš Bonča Change this
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Trading house is part of the urban organization of the former urban center in Šiška. Originally there were two planned commercial building, of which only one and a small shopping pavilion was built. The house is located along of the street and is designed as a highly linear and transparent object that follows the modernist ideas of space. The building is divided into four parts with the emphasized roof cornice. Breakdowns represent the entrance, hanging circular staircase and service block. Each of the four parts has a basement for storage; a ground and first floor are designed for sale. Structure consisting of reinforced concrete beams: on the ground floor are like pillars withdrawn into the interior, in the first floor they transform into pilasters that shapes the facade as its main design element.


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