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Museum Brandhorst

München, Germany
by Sauerbruch Hutton

The museum designed by architects Sauerbruch Hutton is a new exhibition space for contemporary arts in Munich. Originally conceived with a glass facade, the plans had to be altered because of residents' complaints. It now features 36.000 coloured bars of ceramics which use 23 different colours..

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The colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture + design studio is located in Tokyo, Japan.

A rainbow-like stack of 12 colored layers, peeking out from the facade to welcome visitors. Upon entering the building, three elliptical skylights bathe the interior in a..

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The Ecole Maternelle Pajol Kindergarten school in Paris, France is a newly renovated 1940s building by Palatre et Leclere architecture firm. While the basic structure of the building remains true to its historic roots surface exterior as well as interior received a vibrant and bold revamping.
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Sauerbruch Hutton

Berlin, Germany
est. 1989, Berlin

Sauerbruch Hutton is an international agency for architecture, urbanism and design, founded in 1989. Presently there are about 90 Architects, Designers, Engineers, Modelmakers and administrative staff of approx. twelve different nationalities working in our office in Berlin. The team is led by

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Louisa Hutton

Berlin, Germany
born 1957, Norwich

Louisa Hutton is a founding partner of Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, born in the UK, Hutton trained at Bristol University and the School of Architecture in London.

Academically Hutton is a visiting design critic for the Harvard School of Design, Cambridge and is a contributing editor to the..

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MUSAC was designed by Luis M. Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón and is located in the city of León (Spain) at the entrance of the neighborhood of Eras of Renew, the Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León was opened by the Prince and Princess of Asturias on April 1, 2005, with a firm purpose: to be a..

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Ivan Štraus

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
born 1928, Banja Luka

Ivan Štraus is a Bosnian architect of Slovenian origin. In 1947 he started to study architecture in Zagreb. He graduated in 1958 at the Technical University of Sarajevo. He began with his first successful participation in the architectural competition already as a student of architecture in 1952...

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Kindergarten Bijelo Polje

Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
by Rifat Alihodžić, ...

Reason for a diagonal brace

Diagonal brace, domineering two sides of the cube, was made for a reason and so it became a dominating element of a building structure. It is because the kindergarten, consisting of basement+ground floor+one floor, should be located near the existing building,..

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Caminha Apartment

Caminha, Portugal
by Tiago do Vale

A Graphical Refurbishment by the Sea. Built in the 80’s, this apartment was in dire need of refurbishment. Both its infrastructures and organization were dated, so the intention was to make the most of its potentialities while bringing its living experience to contemporary standards. With just..

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To create a new cosmopolitan nightclub in Vienna, the two underground floors of former Palais Palffy nightclub were completely transformed from scratch.

The design concept of the new bar and nightclub is Mannerist. Mannerism has always stood for a time of change in the historical context and..

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