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Florence, Italy
est. 1966, Florence

Superstudio was an avantgarde architecture and design collective founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Other members included Roberto and Alessandro Magris, Piero Frassinelli and Alessandro Poli. Their work consisted principally of photo-collages,..

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Foreign Office Architects

London, United Kingdom
est. 1993, London

Foreign Office Architects (FOA) was founded in 1993 by Alejandro Zaera and Farshid Moussavi. They met at Harvard University and have been married since 1993. The firm is based in London and does masterplanning, architecture and interior design services for the public and private sectors. FOA's..

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Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
by Wassili Luckhardt

Schorlemerallee is a boulevard on the outskirts of Berlin, in the district of Dahlem. It was originally planned in 1901 as 'Street 35' as a street with a settlement of villa-like houses, but only when a subway station was built nearby in 1911, the construction really started.

The settlement..

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Werkbund Housing Vienna

Vienna, Austria
by Oswald Haerdtl, ...

The Werkbundsiedlung is an experimental housing scheme in the outskirts of Vienna originally constructed under the guidance of the architect Josef Frank between 1930 and 1932.

Founded in Germany in 1907 the Deutscher Werkbund, or German Work Federation, was an association of architects,..

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Napraforgó Street

Budapest, Hungary
by József Fischer, ...

Even in Budapest, the Bauhaus era left behind some very interesting and valuable buildings. One of its centres is the inner part of Buda, the Pasarét, which started to infiltrate during the 1930s. In 1931, according to the Stuttgart model, the capital city allowed for an entire street to be built..

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Berlin, Germany
est. 1999, Berlin

Raumlaborberlin began working on the issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism in 1999. In various interdisciplinary working teams they investigate strategies for urban renewal. Raumlabor does urban design, architectural design, lanndscape architecture, interactive environments, art..

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Blur Building

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

The Blur Building was built for the Swiss Expo 2002 on Lake Neuchatel. It is an architecture of atmosphere. The lightweight tensegrity structure measures 300 feet wide by 200 feet deep by 75 feet high. The primary building material is indigenous to the site, water. Water is pumped from the lake,..

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BNKR Arquitectura

Mexico City, Mexico
born 2005, Mexico City

Bunker Arquitectura is a Mexico City-based architecture, urbanism and research office founded by Esteban Suarez in 2005. It has been able to explore and experiment architecture on the widest possible scale: from small iconic chapels for private clients to an urban master plan for an entire city...

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FAT Koehl Architekten

Berlin, Germany
est. 2002, Berlin

FAT Koehl Architekten's approach is taken from a vision where cities will become more social homogeneous with more moral values in the real estate profit standards to enable progress. The work in housing cooperatives or building societies dwelling, are intended to give shareholders the purchase..

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Düsseldorf, Germany
est. 1967, Vienna

Haus-Rucker-Co were a Viennese group founded in 1967 by Laurids Ortner, Günther Zamp Kelp and Klaus Pinter, later joined by Manfred Ortner. Their work explored the performative potential of architecture through installations and happenings using pneumatic structures or prosthetic devices that..

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Kissimmee Xanadu

Kissimmee, USA
by Roy Mason

The Xanadu Houses were a series of experimental homes built to showcase examples of computers and automation in the home in the United States. The architectural project began in 1979, and during the early 1980s three houses were built in different parts of the US: one each in Kissimmee, Florida;..

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Lebbeus Woods

New York, USA
born 1940, Lansing, Michigan

Lebbeus Woods (May 31, 1940 – October 30, 2012), born in 1940, in Lansing, Michigan, was known for his dystopian depictions of architecture and his experimental methods. Recognized beyond architecture, Lebbeus Woods , has been hailed by leading designers, filmmakers, writers, and artists alike as..

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Moñtana Tindaya

Fuerteventura, Spain
by Eduardo Chillida

Tindaya, the small goat farming village was recently thrown into the limelight because of a project to build a 'gigantic cube' inside the Tindaya mountain. A contemporary Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida, intended to 'hollow out' the mountain. Chillada said he wished to create "a great space..

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Studio Gang Architects

New York, USA
est. 1997, New York

Founded by MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang in 1997, Studio Gang Architects is a collective of architects, designers, and thinkers whose work engages pressing contemporary issues and their impact on human experience. Honored with the 2013 National Design Award for Architecture from..

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Paradise Valley, USA
by Paolo Soleri

Cosanti is the gallery, studio and residence of Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri. Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA and open to the public, Cosanti is marked by terraced landscaping and experimental earth-formed concrete structures.

Soleri is best known for Arcosanti, the..

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The Cloud

Vienna, Austria
by Coop Himmelb(l)au

The Cloud is an organism for living. Designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au in 1968, although the project was fully detailed, it remained in 'project' status.

The structure is mobile, the space can be modified. The building materials are air and dynamics. The Cloud places emphasis on technique as a..

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Yellow Heart

Vienna, Austria
by Haus-Rucker-Co

Yellow Heart was an experimental project designed by Haus-Rucker-Co in 1968. The concept evolved from the idea that a concentrated experience of space could offer a direct shift in consciousness. This led to the design and construction of a pneumatic space capsule, the 'Yellow Heart'.
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Oase No. 7

Kassel, Germany
by Haus-Rucker-Co

Oase No. 7 was designed as part of the Documenta 5 exhibition in Kassel, 1972. The Cloud by Coop Himmelb(l)au was also designed to be featured in Documenta 5, however it remained unbuilt.

Oase No. 7 is a transparent sphere with a diameter of 8 metres, the sphere was placed in front of the..

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London, United Kingdom
est. 1961, London

Archigram were a collective of British architects established in the sixties and dissolved by the mid-seventies.

Despite never having a realised project, they created some of the 20th century's most iconic images and projects, rethought the relationship of technology, society and..

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El Puente_Lab

Medelin, Colombia
est. 2006, Medelin

El puente_lab is a platform for active artistic and cultural production in Medellin - Colombia, which aims to develop cultural projects at the local level, building bridges of communication with artists and experts through operational infrastructure of international cooperation. The projects..

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