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Fala Atelier

Porto, Portugal
est. 2013, Porto

Fala is a naïve architecture practice based in Porto, led by Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares and Ahmed Belkhodja. established in 2013, the atelier works with methodic optimism on a wide range of projects, from territories to birdhouses. Fala’s projects are a medley of formal languages,..

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Matevž Čelik

Ljubjlana, Slovenia
born 1971, Kranj

Matevž Čelik is an architect, architectural researcher and writer. A very important point for the development of contemporary architectural scene in Slovenia was his involvement as a co-founder of architectural web platform Trajekt in 2002 with the Institute for Spatial Culture in Ljubljana. With..

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Something Fantastic

Berlin, Germany
est. 2011, Berlin

Something Fantastic are Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz and Leonard Streich. The practice was founded in Berlin in 2010. It is committed to smart, simple, touching architecture. The firm works transdisciplinary, combines everything, and uses design on all scales and in various media, aiming to help..

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Aleksandra Zarek

Manchester, Sheffield, United Kingdom
born 1989, Bydgoszcz

Aleksandra Zarek is an architect with an extensive international background, currently working at award-winning stephenson STUDIO in Manchester. Her professional experience to date includes various practices in Berlin, Lisbon and Poland.

She was trained at the University of Sheffield and..

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Under the title Transformation of the Kortepohja Student Village (Jyväskylä, FI) was carried out.

A holistic approach to urban transformations as a basis for socially-informed evolution of cities, increased quality of life and sustainable urban revival.

Many European cities are faced with..

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Sonja Jankov

Novi Sad, Serbia
born 1985, Novi Sad

Sonja Jankov (1985) is part of Future Architecture Platform as independent historian and theoretician of contemporary art and cultural aspects of modern and contemporary architecture. She holds MA from Faculty of Political Sciences, Department for Cultural Theory and had spent a year at Faculty..

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Amateur Cities

Rotterdam, Netherlands
est. 2014, Rotterdam

Amateur Cities is an online publishing and research platform on alternative ways of city making presented critically. It aims to connect city thinkers to city makers.

Amateur Cities publishes articles that collect, analyze and clarify contemporary urban and technological development..

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Florence, Italy
by Amateur Cities

‘UrgentCity, Towards a New Vocabulary of Terms’ is a project that investigates how to facilitate better communication and collaboration between disciplines involved in city making. It has been initiated by Amateur Cities (NL) and New Generations (IT) and invites citizens from all around the world..

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Tiago Torres-Campos

born 1982, Lisbon

Tiago Torres-Campos is a Portuguese landscape architect and Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. After spending five years working in a landscape architectural practice, he joined academia in 2012, and is the programme director of the MSc in Landscape Architecture. He is also a Visiting..

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The city of New York, together with The Architect’s Newspaper launched the competition with the intention to rethink and redesign 42nd street in Manhattan. The brief encouraged participants to provide new visions of a new pedestrianized version of the street, with a light tram solution connecting..

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The competition encouraged the questioning of three meaningful ideas in the city’s tradition of public space: the idea of park; the idea of waterfront; and the idea of Lisbon’s East District. The proposal understands the idea of park as mediation with diffuse limits between land and water. The..

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A museum of the 20th Century should translate, in content as in form, the collective will of a turbulent time with an incredible disparity of things: from world wars, to nuclear tensions and new geo-political arrangements; from social emancipations, to cultural liberations and reactionary..

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This exhibition focuses on the on-going research by design project developed for New York City within the scope of my PhD. It aims to reveal meaningful encounters with Manhattan’s geologic, a notion that no longer simply refers to geology but also emanates its own cultural and aesthetic meaning;..

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Collectif Aman Iwan

Paris, France
est. 2015, Paris

Founded in 2015, Aman Iwan is an interdisciplinary collective, exploring social issues about territories and their populations. It aims to share knowledge and research about these territories – including through their bi-annual publications – in order to build a network on different scales. This..

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Future brings new approaches to past and processes of documentation, archiving and representation. This is of special importance to modernist heritage which is at many points devastated due to unresolved ownership issues (after non-transparent privatization of what once was ‘societal property’)...

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Léopold Lambert

Paris, France
born 1985, Paris

Léopold Lambert is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, a bimestrial printed and digital magazine associated to a podcast and a blog. These three platforms examine the political relationship between the built environment and bodies. He is the author of three books, Weaponized..

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Anja Humljan

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1983, Maribor

Anja Humljan is an architect and performer behind the The Urban Yoga Platform, a transdisciplinary platform exploring space through the body, focusing on our connection to space, which humans forge with the measure, movement, gesture, and rituals of our bodies. The cornerstone of her work is a..

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The Urban Yoga Platform

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Anja Humljan

The Urban Yoga is an independent research platform exploring space through the body, focusing on our connection to space, which humans forge with the measure, movement, gesture, and rituals of our bodies. The Urban Yoga is using the contemplation of space through the human body in exploring..

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Lavinia Scaletti

London, United Kingdom
born 1990, Asuncion

Lavinia Scaletti is an architectural and urban designer living and working in London, with previous professional experience in France and Chile. Between the hours spent working full-time in urban design at Publica, she undertakes independent projects and research, largely as an extension of her..

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With an estimated population of 10 million people by 2035, London needs more homes. Following the current models of housing provision, however, more than 300,000 people could be left with no access to adequate housing.

ZIP City questions whether we still need houses to live in the city and..

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