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Rain Room

London, United Kingdom
by rAndom International

Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process.

As you progress through the space, the sound of water and a suggestion of moisture fill the air, before you are..

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Odile Decq

Paris, France
born 1955, Laval

Odile Decq set up her own office just after graduating at La Villette in 1978 while studying at Sciences Politiques Paris where she completed a post-graduate diploma in Urban Planning in 1979.

International renown came quickly; as early as 1990 she won her first major commission: the Banque..

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Pedro Campos Costa

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1972, Lisbon

Pedro Campos Costa (Lisbon, 1972) is a founder and managing partner of Campos Costa Architects. He develops R&D projects such as Lisbon Aquarium Extension or the Ozadi Tavira Hotel extension and rehabilitation, among other multidisciplinary activities from curatorial projects, stage design..

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Chanukka Market

Berlin, Germany
by Kapok

The Chanukka Market was an installation situated within the glazed atrium at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Kapok were commissioned to design a series of market stalls.

The design comprises of a single, geometric module that is replicated throughout. The design of the module enables various..

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GIRIH BRICK [Landscape Installation]
February 2016
GIRIH BRICK is an interplay of contradiction, the experimentation of using traditional construction material and introducing a new form of representation. This landscape installation consisting of 4500 bricks spanning over 10 meters was..

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Pixel Pattern

Mashhad, Iran
by Farnaz Fattahi

Pixel Pattern is an installation experimenting with the transition of pattern in Iranian Architecture to craft a modular surface. It is directed by Farnaz Fattahi and fabricated by Khayyam University Architecture student using almost 60sqm of steel plates. The form is designed on a 15cm x 15cm..

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Spatial Layers of AFO

Linz, Austria
by Sonja Jankov, ...

Architekturforum Oberösterreich (AFO) is regional institution for architecture of Lower Austria, based in Linz. The building where it is placed used to be in past a coal warehouse, but more memorably, a public soup kitchen. The given installation represents these diverse histories in such manner..

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The intervention maps all previous and unrealized locations of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, summing them in horizontally layered projection and making them accessible to visitors within the Museum’s present location. The room in which it takes place was about to undergo some changes,..

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Acconci sees buildings cloaking our bodies the way skin clothes our flesh. Many of his works try to do away with distinctions between body and building, clothing and functional object. The prototype is constructed in fiberglass, foam, fabric and has a computer with touch screen, audio-speakers;..

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Beijing, China
by SO-IL

Spiky is an artistic gesture that falls in a fuzzy zone between building and art. A conic expanded metal mesh canopy suspended on steel poles, Spiky activates the urban public space of the Beijing Olympic Park. Through its thought-provoking shape, this installation re-imagines the role of art as..

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Expedition Inex Film was a do-it- yourself action of turning abandoned building in Belgrade suburb Karaburma into a space for work and cultural production and presentation for numerous groups and individuals. The project launched by young individuals and collectives (one of them was Ministry of..

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Press Box

Rome, Italy
by SET Architects

In the digital era, architecture has become a global communication tool with wide scope and reach. No longer resting solely in the hands of the experts, nowadays architecture draws on its tangibility and concreteness to become an, expression of general culture at all levels and a collective..

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Milan, Italy
by SET Architects

ALBUM “a collection of 10 photos” has been declared the winning proposal of Exhib-it!, a competition promoted by Florim4Architects. It will be on display during the Milanese Design Week inside the central flagship store of Florim, a world leader in ceramics. The proposal was awarded by a jury..

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Layers of Time

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Julio Gotor Valcárcel

The intervention on the courtyard of the Museum of Architecture and Design at the Fužine castle is understood as the addition of new layers of time. Eventually, this building is the result of the compilation of a collection of layers. The different architectures that have changed it, the history,..

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Porto, Portugal
by Fahr 021.3

On the date of the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Historic Center of Porto as a Unesco World Heritage Site, FAHR 021.3 presents a new public space essay called Eclipse. An object that faces the surroundings in an attitude of rupture and daring, a sphere with 6m diameter that..

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[h]Installation at the main exhibition of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2016[/h]

In the 15th edition of the Venice Biennale, Alejandro Aravena invited us to look at new fields of action, projects that intend to improve life quality and stories of success that are worth getting to..

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Wrapped Coast

Sydney, Australia
by Jeanne Claude, ...

For ten weeks in the October of 1969, 1.5 miles of Australian coastline was wrapped in 92,900 square metres of erosion-control fabric, lashed to the cliffs with 35 miles of polypropylene rope. A team of 15 professional mountain climbers and 110 workers were lead by a retired major from the Army..

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One Two Three Swing!

London, United Kingdom

"One Two Three Swing!" is a solo exhibition at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and the first Turbine Hall commission to extend beyond the gallery walls. An orange line connecting dozens of three-seated swings weaves through the Turbine Hall, emerging onto the terrace outside Tate Modern where it will..

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The World Theater

Venice, Italy
by Aldo Rossi

Il Teatro del Mondo was built by Aldo Rossi for the Theater and Architecture” sections of the 1980 Venice Biennale, in conjunction with the exhibition Venice and the scenic space. Anchored at the Punta della Dogana, this ephemeral floating theater then sailed across the Adriatic to what was..

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