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Lyons Architecture

Melbourne, Australia
est. 1996, Melbourne

Lyons is an architectural and urban design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm designs projects which are responsive to and expressive of a contemporary experience of local and global culture - a world of ideas, new media, technologies and rapidly changing urbanism. Lyons work is..

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Lucia Tahan

New York, USA
born 1989, Madrid

Lucia Tahan established her architecture practice in 2013 focusing on independent research at the intersection of architecture and politics and the construction of alternative housing for private clients. She studied Architecture and Urban Studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid,..

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Piyush Prajapati

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
born 1991, Bhopal

Piyush Prajapati, after graduation in 2014, has maintained a good reputation with some of the prestigious Architectural Competition and Community worldwide. He has an approach on how architecture in future could be answers to all the hitches we face today. He has gained wide creative approach..

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by Piyush Prajapati

HEX-A-TRAL is a Post Fossil City. While imagining the future of cities, we come across a limitless possibilities of habitat, technology and sustainability. The definition of future sustainability is limitless to a human mind. Assuming a city without fossils, opens the possibility of a world where..

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George Themistokleous

Nicosia, Cyprus
born 1981, Toronto / Nicosia

Para-sight is a multi-disciplinary design research practice/organization that re-constructs digital and analog visual media assemblages in relation to embodied visual perception and machinic vision. It aims to explore the changing role of the body in time and space after the 'digital turn' and..

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