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Search results for keyword cube

In 1965, Louis Kahn was called on to design a library and dining area for the high school community at Phillips Exeter Academy.

This library is one of the most important and visually austere buildings Kahn built for an American university.
The architect was chosen based on the results..

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Fisher House

Hatboro, USA
by Louis I Kahn

"I always start with squares", said Louis Kahn. - The Fisher House, also known as the Norman Fisher House was designed by the architect Louis I. Kahn and built for Dr. Norman Fisher and his wife, Doris, a landscape designer, in 1967 in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

Characterized by its dual cubic..

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Final Wooden House

Kamamura, Japan
by Sou Fujimoto

This bungalow designed by Sou Fujimoto is an extremely new approach to the definition of living space.
Lumber is extremely versatile. In an ordinary wooden architecture, lumber is effectively differentiated according to functions in various localities precisely because it is so..

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N House

Oita, Japan
by Sou Fujimoto

No More Information Available.

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Backpack House

Leipzig, Köln, Essen
by Stefan Eberstadt

The Backpack House designed by Stefan Eberstadt, is mobile parasite on residential buildings.

Perched between art and architecture, form and function, the Backpack House is a walk-in sculpture with its own spatial quality. A hovering illuminated space that looks like a cross between temporary..

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Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart, Germany
by Eun Young Yi

The site for the Stuttgart City Library was chosen in Mailänder Platz, an area that is perceived to be a future city centre growing out of the location of the library. With this in mind, the architects chose to physically express the importance of this cultural centre by giving the building a..

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Naked House

Kawagoe, Japan
by Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban the 'paper architect' - as he was known from then on - designed a house, "naked" of any partitions, as a reply to a commission for a house that had to encourage the relationship between the members of a three generations family.

[h]Space for the..

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Morat, Switzerland
by Jean Nouvel

The “Monolith” – a steel cube with an edge length of 34 feet – was the main attraction of the Expo 02 Arteplage in Morat. Within just five months the most unusual museum in Switzerland was opened. Past and present come together in this rusty cube and show the fascination of panorama art in a very..

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Cubo Negro

Caracas, Venezuela
by John Burgee, ...

The Cubo Negro was designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee during the first quarter of 1975. Located in Caracas, Venezuela, the mixed-use space incorporates commercial and art spaces. It is still occupied today.

The architectural concept is based on a "parageometric" cube in..

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Cube House

Rotterdam, Netherlands
by Piet Blom

Kubuswoningen, or cube houses, are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in The Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of "living as an urban roof": high density housing with sufficient space on the ground level. Blom tilted the cube of a..

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Hotel Dajti

Tirana, Albania
by Giò Ponti, ...

The Hotel Dajti has long been considered the best hotel in Tirana, Albania. It is located in the city center right on the main boulevard and is named after Tirana's local mountain Dajti. Unfortenately the hotel is not in use anymore. It was designed in the early 1940s by Italian architect

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