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Bonjour Tristesse

Berlin, Germany
by Alvaro Siza, ...

The Schlesisches Tor residential building , known as Bonjour Tristesse , is a Berlin building around 100 meters southeast of the Schlesisches Tor underground station at Schlesischen Straße 1-8 / corner of Falckensteinstraße 4 in the Kreuzberg district .

The house is designed by Alvaro Siza..

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Berlin, Germany
by Alvar Aalto, ...

The Hansaviertel is a Berlin district between Tiergarten park and the Spree River. It was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but was rebuilt from 1957 to 1961 as a housing estate project by international master architects like Alvar Aalto, Egon Eiermann, Walter Gropius, Oscar..

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Byker Wall

Newcastle, United Kingdom
by Ralph Erskine

Byker Wall is the name given to a long unbroken block of 620 maisonettes in the Byker district of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It is a part of the Byker Estate which was built between 1969 and 1982 by the late architect Ralph Erskine assisted by Vernon Gracie. It covers an area of approximately..

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Barbican estate

London, United Kingdom
by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

The estate was built between 1965 and 1976, on a 35-acre (140,000 m2) site that was bombed in World War II.The complex was designed by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, whose first work was the earlier, ground-breaking Golden Lane Estate immediately North of Barbican. The estate of 40 acres..

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Block 270 is a residential block development in Berlin. Designed by late Berlin architect Josef Paul Kleihues.

Already in 1972, Josef Paul Kleihues gave the city the idea of ​​a closed building block with the “Block 270” in the centre of Berlin. Block 270 was a criticism in planning of the..

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Jean Renaudie

born 1925, La Meyze

Jean Renaudie (June 8th, 1925 – October 13th, 1981) was French architect and urban planner.

He attended the National School of Fine Arts, graduating in 1945. He was a trainee at he studio of Auguste Perret and Marcel Lods. In 1958 he established Atelier de Montrouge in collaboration with..

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The mixed-use block at Friedrichstrasse 32-33 was designed by Raimund Abraham as part of the Internationale Bauausstellung, IBA Berlin 1987. It accommodates shops at the street level with apartments above.

With the Senate's bill of 1978 for the International Building Exhibition..

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Alexander Dering

Barnaul, Russia
born 1957, Tomsk

Alexander Dering (born November 26th, 1957) is a russian architect, founder and owner of the architectural bureau Klassika (since 1992), which is based in Barnaul, Altay territory, Russia.

Alexander Dering graduated from the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture (former SIBSTRIN) in 1980. From..

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This project is about one family living in two houses built slightly apart from one another.

One great volume of a house which covers the entire plot was supposed first.

Then this volume was carved in a curve in three segments and two volumes at the both ends were built as two houses on the..

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Shingle House

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dungeness in Kent is one of the largest expanses of shingle in the world. It is of international conservation importance for its geomorphology, plant and invertebrate communities and birdlife. This is recognised and protected through its conservation designations.

The location of the existing..

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This is a house in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture for a couple and their two children. The construction site is a part of a place surrounded by mountains and the sky is overcast most of the days. I wanted to create light, stable indoor climate and came up with a plan of three sheds of..

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Casa D

Matanzas, Chile
by WMR Arquitectos, ...

The project is located in the area of ​​Matanzas - Chile, on top of a cliff, 65m approximately above sea level.

This house for a couple and their child develops within a volume 9x9mts square. In another volume it is inserted in a higher level, which by its position rotated 45 degrees to the..

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The housing project on Simplonstrasse in Berlin is comprised of eight proposed developments on a single block. In 2012 two of the eight projects had reached completion stage.

Florian Koehl from FAT Koehl Architekten is working as the architect along with a collection of project managers and..

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Kristof Göbölyös

Budapest, Hungary
born 1969, Budapest

With more than 15 years of experience in design, Göbölyös and the Studio ArtFront Hungary - mainly deals with the design of luxury family homes, high-end offices, office buildings, hotels and public institutions. Beyond the design of new buildings, there are several monument reconstruction works..

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Caldeira Figueiredo Architects

Esposende, Portugal
born 2000, Esposende

No More Information Available.

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House in Esposende, Portugal

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The Housing L addition upgrades the two existing blocks at the edge of a housing neighborhood facing shopping and industrial part of a small town of Sežana. The concept of 3 for 1 (3 buildings instead of 1) enables the new building to become an essential forming part of the whole and not merely..

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Prule Apartment House

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Stanko Kristl

The Prule apartment houses were built for academic staff of the University of Ljubljana. This building represents the first of a series of similar interventions in the style of Edvard Ravnikar. Kristl has introduced a range of simple but innovative solutions for collective housing. Flats have a..

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Zlatibor Housing

Užice, Serbia
by Milorad Pantović, ...

Zlatibor Housing is one of the most successful post-war housing blocks of the architecture of Serbia. The building block is the reconstruction of the central urban core of the city of Užice, directly opposite the building of the city municipality, where Mandić and Pantović designed it close to..

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Dva: Studio

Belgrade, Serbia
est. 2005, Belgrade

Dva: Studio is architectural practice based in Belgrade, Serbia. It involve Milan Djuric, Aleksandru Vuja, Milka Gnjato and Sladjana Milivojevic.

Milan Djuric graduated at The Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 1993. Since 1994 he has been working as a teaching assistant and..

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