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The memorial to the Syrmian Front is one of the final major Yugoslav Partisan memorial complexes. It was built in memory of the killed fighters of the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Red Army who broke through the Syrmian Front on the main historical defence line of Nazi..

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Chaptal Residence is located in a historical building in the 9th district of Paris, in the heart of Nouvelle Athènes neighborhood.

The late 19th century apartment which remained untouched for more than six decades is a 150m² property composed of a spacious living room, an open kitchen, two..

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House Bunker

La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy
by Cini Boeri

“Casa Bunker” is a private house designed in 1967 by the Italian architect Cini Boeri along the coasts of of La Maddalena, a small island located in northern Sardinia. The house, built for her family in an area particularly exposed to strong winds, was designed in continuity with the peculiar..

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