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Schwams House

Cambidge, United Kingdom
by Justin Blanco White

Timber framed house on concrete raft with concrete boiler room to west end. Horizontal weatherboard cladding has two storey and roof obsevatory. An example of Modern Movement style.

"The rebuilding of cities, the demolition of slums, and a better life for all were goals of many young women..

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Carlos Castanheira

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1957, Lisbon

Carlos Castanheira is a member of the generation of Portuguese architects who consider themselves professional descendants of Alvaro Siza, with whom Castaneira worked for fourteen years.

Castanheira is known for his work with timber frames and architectural components, with a focus on the..

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Winery Casa da Torre

Louro - Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal
by Carlos Castanheira

The Winery of Casa da Torre already existed, as good wine was already being produced at the property. The will to produce more wine, better and in accordance with the new rules led to having to rethink the winery and inevitably to enlarge it. The siting and orientation are excellent. Half buried..

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Johannes Kaufmann

Vienna, Austria
est. 1967, Bezau

Johannes Kaufmann was born in Bezau, Vorarlberg. From the 1987 to 1989 he collaborated with architectural office Hermann Kaufmann. He collaborated with prof. Dr. Ernst Hiesmayr from Vienna and with Oskar Leo Kaufmann. He founded his own office in Vienna in 2007.

The timber construction is one..

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The memorial to the Syrmian Front is one of the final major Yugoslav Partisan memorial complexes. It was built in memory of the killed fighters of the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Red Army who broke through the Syrmian Front on the main historical defence line of Nazi..

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Jože Plečnik understood architecture as "architectura perennis", as an activity which transcends the finiteness of human life and remains with the descendants. In monuments, he saw a memory of the past and it is no surprise that he built them throughout his life. After World War II, he also..

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