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Search results for keyword tourist architecture

Hotel Jadran

Makarska, Croatia
by Branko Bon

Htel Jadran was socialist Yugoslavia’s first hotel. Branko Bon, a Croatian anti-fascist and one of Tito’s favorite architects, contributed the design concept, while several hundred German POWs provided the manual labor. The prisoners installed the hotel’s marble floors, its french doors and its..

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Antonio Lamela

Madrid, Spain
born 1926, Madrid

Antonio Lamela Martinez (Madrid, 18 December 1926 - 1 April 2017) was a Spanish architect. He graduated from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) in 1954 and finished his PhD in 1959. In 1954 he founded Estudio Lamela , where he developed his entire professional career.Between 1956 and..

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Barcelona, Spain
est. 2014, Barcelona-Paris

Pais(vi)agem is an independent research group born from the idea of Enrico Porfido and Claudia Sani, which aims to investigate the relation between tourism and landscapes. Today, it gathers a number of collaborators with different background and experiences. Enrico recently received his PhD..

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Motel Panorama

Rijeka, Croatia
by Ivan Vitić

Motel Panorama is part of a motel chain Vitić planned for the agricultural industrial combine Sljeme. Three of five originally planned motels were built, in Preluka, Biograd na Moru and Trogir. Characteristic of Vitić's motel chain is the cladding of the facade and interior public areas with..

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Hotel Neboder

Rijeka, Croatia
by Josip Pičman, ...

Hotel Neboder (Croatian for skyscraper) is part of the HKD cultural centre in Rijeka. Due to various aggravating circumstances, the construction took more than 10 years. The competition project by Josip Pičman was finally built by Alfred Albini with some modifications.

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Motel Trogir was built in 1965 and designed by one of the leading architects of the Socialist Yugoslavia Ivan Vitić. It is situated at the western entrance to the city of Trogir on the Adriatic coast (25km from the city of Split). The motel was inaugurated the same year the Adriatic Highway.
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In the middle of a dense pine forest of the village of Krvavica in Baško polje, not far from Makarska, lies a children's maritime sanatorium for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with lung diseases. The resort for children with lung diseases was built and managed by the Yugoslav..

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