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Studio Mumbai

Mumbai, India
est. 1996, Mumbai

Studio Mumbai operate in Mumbai, India, they follow a design and construction philosophy that embraces local vernacular and traditional craftsmanship.

Founded by Bijoy Jain, Studio Mumbai is a human infrastructure of skilled craftsmen and architects who design and build the work directly...

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NS3 Concept

Mumbai, India
est. Mumbai

NS3 Concept Design and Build Interiors Spaces, Experience of 12 years in Industry, able to achieve High standard works with the Emphasis on Detail Designing & materials, offering Workplace Interior Design+Build, MEP, & Project Management Services, Home, Hospitality, Fitness, Restaurant, Hotel,..

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Hassan Fathy

Cairo, Egypt
born 1900, Alexandria

Hassan Fathy (March 23, 1900 – November 30, 1989‎) was a noted Egyptian architect who pioneered appropriate technology for building in Egypt, especially by working to reestablish the use of adobe and traditional as opposed to western building designs and lay-outs. Fathy was recognized with the..

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Square of Traditional Crafts

Varaždin, Croatia

The market of traditional crafts in Varaždin is the implementation of the first prize-winning competition solution, where a special relationship is formed between the market and the mobile modular kiosk and the baroque city center. The openness of the space to the streets is maintained by..

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